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Product Number:#1070

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Is Smart Device: No

Name:: Wall-mounted Disposable Toilet Brush

Material:: PP Sponge

Style:: Modern And Simple

Color:: Transparent

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes



Name: Wall-mounted Disposable Toilet Brush

Material: PP Sponge

Style: Modern And Simple

Color: Transparent


1. The Toilet Brush Protects The Bathroom Walls And Floors Clean Without Bad Smell.

2. Fast Drying, The Toilet Brush With Hollow Design Makes It DifficultTo Grow, Dries Faster And Avoids Bad Smell. Your Toilet Will Be Cleaner Than

3. 360° Deep Cleaning Of Every Dead Corner, Can Get Into Nooks And Crannies. Designed For Deep Cleaning Of Edges And Other Hard-to-reach Places Without Damaging Toilet Glaze.

4. Easy To Clean And Light, After Cleaning The Product Every Time, It Is Like A New Product. Compact Design Takes Less Space In The Bathroom

5. Non-slip Handle And Easy-to-use, Ergonomic Handle It Easier To Clean And Reduce Cleaning Time. The Long Handle Is Designed To Prevent Dirty Hands During Cleaning, Making Toilet Cleaning More Efficient And Easier. The Simple And Elegant Design Coordinates With Your Bathroom.

Package Included:

1 set of * toilet brush accessories


6 * Replacement head




Set A-Lenmon, 18PCS Lenmon, Set B-Lavender, 24PCS Lenmon, 18PCS Lavender, Set A-Lavender, 24PCS Lavender, Set C-Mix, Set B-Sea, 18PCS Mix, 18PCS Sea, Set A-Sea, 24PCS Sea, Set B-Lenmon

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Disposable toilet brush
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