Alloy Laser Slingshot


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Product Number:#1049

DIY Supplies: Metalworking

Type: Wrenches

Model Number: HJBC

Weight: 185g

Height: 130mm

Width: 80mm

Bow inner door width: 40mm

Material: Alloy

catapulte extrieur laser: professional catapult

hunting catapult: powerful hunting slingshot

stainless slingshot: powerful slingshot

Precision Hunting Slingshot: the new slingsshot


Due to air traffic control, the battery will not be placed in the packaging, and the battery model is LR41 (3 batteries required)

Product features:
1. This is a laser aiming slingshot that is very suitable for novice players

2. Laser sights can help you improve the accuracy of shooting.

3.The slingshot adopts a laser sight and a horizontal sight, which allows beginners to adjust their design posture horizontally.

4.Accurate infrared shooting distance of 20m

5. Design of a mobile sight that can quickly lock the target.

6. The spring pressure design makes it very convenient and fast to replace the rubber band.

7. Metal material, sturdy and durable

Product parameters:
Height: 130mm
Width: 110mm
Internal width: 40mm
Weight: 185 grams

The package includes:
Style A:Slingshot X1+ Rubber band X1
Style B: slingshot X 1+rubber bandsX 4+silicone target X1+steel balls X 30+splash target papers X 10
Style C:Slingshot X1+ Rubber band X3


slingshot, slingshot set, slingshot 3P


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Alloy Laser Slingshot
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